Banner – IAM Integration

Banner® – IAM Integration & Support Services

ForgeRock's IAM stack (especially OpenIDM) serves as an identity vault with rule based account provisioning capabilities as well as OpenICF connectors for integrating with downstream target systems. It is designed to provide an individual with the appropriate access to enterprise systems based on the individual’s affiliation with the University (i.e. Faculty, Staff, Student or Alumni). 

Banner® ERP system is the authoritative source for the majority of Identity information for identities associated with a college or a university. Banner® also implements critical business processes for managing information related to employees, students, recruits and some vendors. The role of Banner® in a Banner®-IAM integration is to be an authoritative source for data.

  • Evaluate your Banner®-IAM integration needs to come up with architecture, use cases and a technical design that fulfils all of the current and future provisioning, de-provisioning requirements
  • Ability to assess and advice on impact to downstream systems and application as part of the migration plan to Ellucian's Banner® ERP system.
  • Deep understanding of the Banner®'s data model and experience with integration both from a tailored integration as well as standard integration mechanisms
  • Expertise in providing scripted solutions for resolving ad-hoc Banner® data quality issues and data reconciliation challenges to an external ForgeRock IAM stack
  • Collaborate with stakeholders, advise on options related to different integration strategies between Banner®,  Banner® BEIS, Messaging infrastructure and IAM

Integration with Banner® is a complex operation and without starting with a sound strategy for integration to an IAM stack, it becomes very difficult to later change course or correct it. Icon has the both the experiential depth to be both from a business and technical standpoints to disentangle this complex process.

Remote Database Administration Services

Each new release of Banner® can increase the complexity of the Oracle environment for Banner® in areas such as: configuration, system security, new features and functionality, and performance considerations. Icon will help you with Oracle® DBA services and system administration.

  • DBA Assistance- We can provide assistance to your DBA on a day-to-day basis, provide guidance and technical assistance, or become part of your team.
  • Dedicated DBA Services- We can be your alternative to hiring expensive Oracle® technical resources.
  • Backup DBA Support- “On demand” support available when your principal DBA is unavailable or when projects require more Oracle resources.

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